Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mini-Hiatus: Back to School

Well, it's back-to-school time here at Tech, which means prepping for two new classes for me. This semester will be my first semester back to teaching my own class since spring 2009, and the first time in an undergraduate classroom since Spring 2011, when I was the TA for Grant Writing. It's exciting mostly. I'm teaching two courses: Literature, Medicine, and Culture and Technical Writing. Two totally different classes. Two totally different groups of students. Two totally different preps.

Oh, and I'm writing a dissertation and finishing an article. It's a busy time.

Anyhow, blog posts will probably be short and delayed in coming days/weeks, but I am trying to stay current with Twitter, so please follow me there @hylawrence for my updates and thoughts on vaccines, health, and medicine, particularly H3N2v, which I'm currently fascinated by and terrified of.

And speaking of fear and disease, no one really does it better than Jezebel:


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